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Today’s Scripture

Today’s Scripture

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.  ~ Psalms 119:105

2 Kings 4:18-5:27 / Acts 15:1-35 / Psalm 141:1-10 / Proverbs 17:23

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Daily Bible Reading Extra – New Testament – Acts 15:1-35

The Jerusalem Council – (What must a person do to be saved?)
The Council’s Letter to Gentile Believers

Acts 13-20 Summary Video – Click Here

Acts 15

Acts 15

Throughout its history, the church’s leaders have met to settle doctrinal issues. Historians point to seven ecumenical councils in the church’s early history, especially the councils of Nicea (A.D. 325) and Chalcedon (A.D. 451). Yet, the most important council was the first one—the Jerusalem Council—because it established the answer to the most vital doctrinal question of all: “What must a person do to be saved?” The apostles and elders defied efforts to impose legalism and ritualism as necessary prerequisites for salvation. They forever affirmed that salvation is totally by grace through faith in Christ alone.   ~ John MacArthur

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Jun 23 2021


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