February 24


One Year Bible Notes

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Leviticus 15:1-16:28
Mark 7:1-23
Psalm 40:11-17
Proverbs 10:13-14

New Testament

Mark 7:1-23


Traditions and Commandments, What Defiles a Person

Christian tradition

Christian tradition – Click the photo above for the answer.



Listen to John MacArthur on today’s scripture reading below:

Mark by John MacArthur

Mark by John MacArthur


 Mark 7:1–13
Christ didn’t deny breaking the tradition, He broke it. He broke it without regard for it. He had no respect for their whole traditional system. He ignored it. He swept it aside. It was meaningless. It was damning. It obliterated the truth. What the disciples were doing was not a problem. What the Pharisees and scribes were doing was a big problem. They were actually going to go to hell with rinsed hands. And He gives them an illustration of this hypocrisy.


 Mark 7:14–23
Matthew even says it comes out of the mouth. And the reason Matthew refers to the mouth is because the mouth is the most ready to express the evil of the heart. More evil is spoken than is done. It’s so much easier to do that, that’s why Isaiah said he was a man of unclean lips because that’s how he identified the wretchedness of his heart. The whole principle is that evil doesn’t come into you from the outside, it comes out of you from the inside. And this is shocking, believe me, to the Pharisees and the scribes. They don’t like this. That’s not what they think.


Mark 7:1-4 by Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Thru the Bible


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