May 1


One Year Bible Notes


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Judges 13:1-14:20
John 1:29-51
Psalm 102:1-28
Proverbs 14:15-16



New Testament

John 1:29-51


Behold, the Lamb of God, Jesus Calls the First Disciples, Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael



Overview: John 1-12  Click Here to Watch Video


Listen to John MacArthur on today’s scripture below



Truth for Life - Alistair Begg

Dr. J. Vernon McGee - Thru the Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Thru the Bible


John 1 – J Vernon Mcgee – Thru the Bible





People bring people to Jesus

One of the two who heard John speak and followed Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. He first found his own brother Simon and said to him, “We have found the Messiah” (which means Christ). He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon the son of John. You shall be called Cephas” (which means Peter).  ~ John 1:40-42


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