May 31

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2 Samuel 17:1-29
John 19:23-42
Psalm 119:129-152
Proverbs 16:12-13

New Testament:
John 19:23-42

The Death of Jesus
Jesus’ Side Is Pierced
Jesus Is Buried


When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. ~ John 19:30

Jesus is the death conqueror. Jesus has the power to raise the dead to eternal glory, and this is the good news. Death has been conquered by him. For us, death is a surprise, but not for Jesus. Those who put their trust in Him have been rescued from death, He overcame death, and He has conquered death for themselves as well. Resurrection power belongs to him and that is the Gospel.  ~ David Campbell

he said, it is finished; that is, the whole will of God; as that he should be incarnate, be exposed to shame and reproach, and suffer much, and die; the whole work his Father gave him to do, which was to preach the Gospel, work miracles, and obtain eternal salvation for his people, all which were now done, or as good as done; the whole righteousness of the law was fulfilled, an holy nature assumed, perfect obedience yielded to it, and the penalty of death endured; hence a perfect righteousness was finished agreeably to the law, which was magnified and made honourable by it, and redemption from its curse and condemnation secured; sin was made an end of, full atonement and satisfaction for it were given; complete pardon procured, peace made, and redemption from all iniquity obtained; all enemies were conquered; all types, promises, and prophecies were fulfilled, and his own course of life ended: the reason of his saying so was, because all this was near being done, just upon finishing, and was as good as done; and was sure and certain, and so complete, that nothing need, or could be added to it; and it was done entirely without the help of man, and cannot be undone; all which since has more clearly appeared by Christ’s resurrection from the dead, his entrance into heaven, his session at God’s right hand, the declaration of the Gospel, and the application of salvation to particular persons:  John Gill





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John 19:31–20:10
He literally willed His own death. He left His own body at exactly the appropriate time and entered into the fellowship of those in heaven. He willed His own death, and then He controlled what happened after that to His body still hanging there, and even to His burial. “And this is all true,” says John in verse 35. John identifies himself as “he who has seen and has testified, and his testimony is true; and he knows that he’s telling the truth, so that you may also believe.”   ~John MacArthur


Dr. J. Vernon McGee - Thru the Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Thru the Bible


The Gospel of John – J Vernon Mcgee – Thru the Bible




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