May 9


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1 Samuel 5:1-7:17
John 6:1-21
Psalm 106:13-31
Proverbs 14:32-33



New Testament

John 6:1-21


Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
Jesus Walks on Water

But he said to them, “It is I; do not be afraid.” ~ John 6:20

As the creator of the world, Jesus controlled its forces and, in this case, suspended the law of gravity. As the sovereign Lord of all creation, Jesus was demonstrating his true identity through the act.



Overview: John 1-12  Click Here to Watch Video


Listen to John MacArthur on today’s scripture below

 John 6:1–15

Dr. J. Vernon McGee - Thru the Bible

Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Thru the Bible


John 6-7 – J Vernon Mcgee – Thru the Bible




Jesus’ Miracles Reveal Him



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